Public Dream

Public Dream is the brainchild of Kevin Anderson and Tristan Moore.
These two composers have joined forces
to create the hottest new musical collaboration in the Salt Lake area.

Moving On

1 Air   Listen
2 Reverie #52   Listen
3 Square Wheels   Listen
4 Trees   Listen
5 Do It   Listen
6 Ocean Waves   Listen
7 Winter in the City   Listen
8 Camel Train   Listen
9 Particle Wave   Listen
10 Eagle's Limit   Listen
11 Gravity   Listen
12 Untitled in C minor   Listen
13 One Way Trip   Listen
14 Moving On   Listen

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1 Animals   Listen
2 Earth   Listen
3 Gravity   Listen
4 Sun   Listen
5 Moon   Listen
6 Polaris   Listen
7 Ocean Waves   Listen
8 Clouds   Listen
9 Rain   Listen
10 Trees   Listen
11 Leaves   Listen
12 Air   Listen
13 Circle of Singers (I)   Listen
14 Circle of Singers (II)   Listen
15 Finale   Listen

Kevin Anderson

Kevin S. Anderson (aka Redd) was born in Utah. At the age of 19, he moved to Southern California to continue both education and a career in music. He was House Drummer for The Groundlings Theatre in Hollywood, CA during the 1980s where he worked with cast including Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) and many more. Accreditations include TV tapings and studio recordings for NBC, Embassy Television and Pepsi-Cola Company. Kevin then traveled to Nashville to continue his career working with various artists and groups. He then returned to his hometown where he now teaches private lessons on drums, percussion, guitar, and piano. Kevin has taught in private schools, as well as music stores throughout his career. He also works as an accompanist for the Modern Dance Departments of UVU and the University of Utah.

Tristan Moore

Tristan Moore is an electronic composer and improvisational pianist with roots in the world of dance. A former dancer and graduate of Amherst College, Tristan began accompanying dance classes at the Tanner Dance Studio in 1995, going on to work with Oakland Ballet, Repertory Dance Theatre, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, and the University of Utah Department of Modern Dance, among others. As Resident Composer for the University of Utah Children's Dance Theatre, he has composed and directed scores for diverse stage productions, including Crumb and the Pirates, Sense Pass King, The Three Questions, Pockets, A Blue So Blue, The Dream Stealer, Scientia, Coming Home, True North and Alice Through the Looking-Glass. He has composed the original scores for Circus Smirkus' Big Top Tours since 2008, traveling and performing with the circus on several 70-show tours throughout New England. More music by Tristan can be found at

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