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Anchors Away for Atlantis (Circus Smirkus, 2014)

The Three Questions (Children's Dance Theatre, 2004/2014)

Oz Incorporated (Circus Smirkus, 2013)

The Snow Queen (Children's Dance Theatre, 2013)

Topsy Turvy Time Travel (Circus Smirkus, 2012)

The Apple-Pip Princess (Children's Dance Theatre, 2012)

Frontpage Follies (Circus Smirkus, 2011)

Alice Through the Looking-Glass (Children's Dance Theatre, 2011)

Wilderness Wonders (Circus Smirkus, 2010)

True North (Children's Dance Theatre, 2010)

Smirkus Ever After (Circus Smirkus, 2009)

Moving On (Public Dream, 2007)

Coming Home (Children's Dance Theatre, 2009)

Smirkusology (Circus Smirkus, 2008)

Scientia (Children's Dance Theatre, 2008)

Born (Public Dream / South Valley Creative Dance, 2007)

The Dream Stealer (Children's Dance Theatre, 2007)

A Blue So Blue (Children's Dance Theatre, 2006)

Pockets (Children's Dance Theatre, 2005)

Sense Pass King (Children's Dance Theatre, 2003)

Crumb & the Pirates (Children's Dance Theatre, 2001/2015)

Cartesian Split (Amherst College Dept. of Theatre and Dance, 2000)

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