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TRISTAN MOORE is a soundtrack composer and pianist whose work spans a wide range of musical styles. He provides complete soundtrack creation services for creative projects and events. Tristan currently serves as resident composer for the University of Utah Children's Dance Theatre. More...

In The Press

"Very effectively backed by terrific music, the work of Tristan Moore... Moore's music helped the entire performance immeasurably. Here is a talent whose services circuses should be fighting over." - Spectacle

"Moore's music is far more than mere mood-setting. Finely crafted, utilizing styles from the latest pop hits to jazz and classical, his Circus Smirkus scores not only set the tone for each year's circus, they create the flexible backdrop for the various feats of daring." - The Times Argus

"Everything is sewn together with Tristan Moore's atmospheric score... There isn't a music note that is wasted." - Deseret News

"Directors Troy Wunderle and Jesse Dryden and the performers have been very well served by the music of Tristan Moore, the wunderkind of circus music." - Spectacle

"Moore has crafted a fascinatingly diverse soundtrack." - Seven Days

Spectacle Magazine's September 2013 issue featured an article about Tristan's creative work for Circus Smirkus and the process behind the creation of Smirkus' music. Read the article here.


•   Anchors Away for Atlantis
•   The 3 Questions
•   Oz Incorporated
•   The Snow Queen
•   Topsy Turvy Time Travel
•   The Apple-Pip Princess
•   Frontpage Follies
•   Alice Through the Looking-Glass
•   True North
•   Wilderness Wonders
•   Public Dream
•   Smirkus Ever After
•   Coming Home
•   Smirkusology
•   Scientia
•   The Dream Stealer
•   A Blue So Blue
•   Pockets
•   Sense Pass King
•   Crumb & the Pirates
•   Cartesian Split
•   More Music...


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Tristan Moore

Tristan Moore


from Anchors Away For Atlantis

"Bratwurst Polka"
Bon Appetit!

from Anchors Away For Atlantis

"Roar Of The Tides"
from Anchors Away For Atlantis

Tristan Moore

Tristan Moore