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TRISTAN MOORE is a composer and keyboardist whose work spans a wide range of musical styles. He provides complete soundtrack creation services for creative projects and events. Tristan is resident composer for the University of Utah Children's Dance Theatre and has spent many summers touring with Vermont's Circus Smirkus as composer, bandleader and keyboardist. More...

Circus Smirkus: Anchors Away for Atlantis

In 2014, Circus Smirkus set sail on the high seas and plunged deep into the ocean for fathoms of fun...

Tristan's soundtrack for Anchors Away for Atlantis explores the beauty and mystery of the vast ocean, both above and below the surface. This soundtrack is now available from the iTunes Store, CD Baby,, and other online stores.

Click here to hear Anchors Away for Atlantis!

Circus Smirkus: Oz Incorporated

Grab your ruby slippers and click your heels together as Circus Smirkus presents Oz Incorporated, a brand new spin on The Wizard of Oz.

Journey down the yellow brick road to the delightfully wicked sounds of the Circus Smirkus 2013 Big Top Tour. From raucous folly to dreamy meanderings, each one of these Emerald City interludes comes through bathed in the unmistakable joy of Smirkus.

The complete soundtrack of Oz Incorporated can be downloaded from CD Baby,, or the iTunes Store.

Click here to preview the Oz Incorporated soundtrack album!

The Snow Queen

This album retells Hans Christian Andersen's enchanting tale of The Snow Queen through a series of evocative, lushly orchestrated pieces.

Tristan Moore's The Snow Queen was originally written to accompany a dance production by the University of Utah Children's Dance Theatre. The work premiered at Salt Lake City's Capitol Theatre in March 2013. The complete soundtrack from the show was recently released on CD as well as in MP3 format.

Click here to find out more about the music of The Snow Queen!

Circus Smirkus: Topsy Turvy Time Travel

In 2012, Vermont-based circus company Circus Smirkus celebrated its 25th year with a time-travel-themed show that toured throughout the New England area. A malfunctioning time machine, absurd encounters between historic characters from a dozen eras, and stunning displays of acrobatic and aerial skill enchanted audiences from Maine to New York.

The show's original score by Tristan Moore drew inspiration from the music of many different places and times throughout human history and provided a magical, multi-faceted musical backdrop for the troupe's virtuosity.

Click here to investigate the newly remastered music of Topsy Turvy Time Travel!

Alice Through the Looking-Glass

Tristan Moore's soundtrack from the Children's Dance Theatre's 2011 production of Alice Through the Looking-Glass evokes Alice's dreamy curiosity and the surrealism of Lewis Carroll's land of strange and beautiful fantasy on the other side of the mirror.

Be swept away by the kaleidoscopic magic of Alice's peculiar adventures in Looking-Glass Land, with this collection of songs inspired by the eccentric characters and dilemmas Alice encounters.

Click here to check out the music of Alice Through the Looking-Glass... Buy the CD here or download the album from the iTunes Store!

In The Press

Spectacle Magazine's September 2013 issue featured an article about Tristan's creative work for Circus Smirkus and the process behind the creation of Smirkus' music. Read the article here.

"Moore's music is far more than mere mood-setting. Finely crafted, utilizing styles from the latest pop hits to jazz and classical, his Circus Smirkus scores not only set the tone for each year's circus, they create the flexible backdrop for the various feats of daring." - The Times Argus

"Everything is sewn together with Tristan Moore's atmospheric score... There isn't a movement or music note that is wasted." - Deseret News

"Directors Troy Wunderle and Jesse Dryden and the performers have been very well served by the music of Tristan Moore, the wunderkind of circus music." - Spectacle

"Moore has crafted a fascinatingly diverse soundtrack." - Seven Days

"Very effectively backed by terrific music, the work of Tristan Moore... Moore's music helped the entire performance immeasurably. Here is a talent whose services circuses should be fighting over." - Spectacle

While You're Here...

Don't forget to visit the online store! Tristan's CDs make great gifts for family and friends. And every purchase through this website directly supports the creation of new music.


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