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About Tristan

TRISTAN MOORE is a composer and keyboardist whose work spans a wide range of musical styles. He provides complete soundtrack creation services for creative projects and events. He is resident composer for the University of Utah Children's Dance Theatre and has spent many summers touring with Vermont's Circus Smirkus as composer, bandleader and keyboardist.

Tristan's multilayered soundtracks blend acoustic instrumentation with detailed electronic programming, drawing on evocative palettes of sound and orchestration. His scores have accompanied unique projects by many small companies and independent artists.

His piano improvisation is notable for its expressive range and technical versatility. His longest solo improvisation to date ("Reverie") lasted twelve hours.

With over 15 years of professional experience as a dance accompanist, Tristan has played for classes at the University of Utah Department of Modern Dance, the Virginia Tanner Creative Dance Program, Oakland Ballet, Repertory Dance Theatre, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, the American College Dance Festival, and many other companies and programs. He studied music, theatre, and dance at Amherst College, the University of Paris X-Nanterre, and the Schola Cantorum in Paris.

His theatrical experience encompasses many roles: composer, director, scriptwriter, stage manager, music director/bandleader, production assistant, sound technician, music consultant, music editor, and pit musician.

Tristan's favorite fruit is the kiwi.

Selected Works

Smirkusology: A Science Extravaganza (2008)
Smirkus Ever After (2009)
Wilderness Wonders (2010)
Frontpage Follies (2011)
Topsy Turvy Time Travel (2012)
Oz Incorporated (2013)
Anchors Away for Atlantis (2014)
Bon Appetit! (2015)
Themed scores for shows by Circus Smirkus, Vermont's international award-winning youth circus.

Crumb & the Pirates (2001, 2015)
Sense Pass King (2003)
The Three Questions (2004, 2014)
Pockets (2005)
A Blue So Blue (2006)
The Dream Stealer (2007)
Scientia (2008)
Coming Home (2009)
True North (2010)
Alice Through the Looking-Glass (2011)
The Apple-Pip Princess (2012)
The Snow Queen (2013)
Gwinna (2016)
Original scores for stage productions by the University of Utah Children's Dance Theatre.

Live score for a contemporary circus production featured at the 2014 Moisture Festival in Seattle.

Four Types of Noise
A quadraphonic noise-music installation with interactive programming.

A 12-hour piano performance and environment for multidisciplinary improvisation.

Cartesian Split
A circus-theatre production. (Co-director and composer)

Inside Out
Outdoor installations and concerts in unexpected locations.

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